The Money Quiz-Test Your Personal Finance Knowledge

Today’s post will be short and sweet. One of the goals for MillennialCFO has been to provide educational resources for millennials to learn about money in a simple and fun way.

I am happy to introduce a platform that I will be using to do just that.

The first thing that I have created is The Money Quiz. This is a short quiz that tests your knowledge on basic personal finance topics. I not only created some of the questions myself, but I also pulled topics and questions from top financial agencies.


I plan on adding this platform to my website to include quizzes and courses on topics like investing and saving so please look out for updates!

Please follow the link to take this quiz. It takes just a second to enroll and just a few spare minutes to take the quiz.

I hope everyone enjoys the quiz and I look forward to hearing feedback!

Take the quiz now!

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