My name is Pervez Soomar and my goal is to spread financial literacy to millennials through my unique view on money. I’ve always had a complicated relationship with money. Growing up, I never had any. Now, I have some. Something that has always stayed the same is my money management skills.

After graduating college in 2011, I became just another 22 year old with all the confidence in the world, a fake diploma, and credit card debt. Oh, and I had student loans to pay back starting six months after graduation, not to mention 2011 was just a few years removed from the financial crisis and high paying jobs weren’t available. I knew I needed a plan.



(The Lacoste was on sale)

Fast forward four years, I have paid off a significant amount of my student loan debt (I could have paid it all off but I chose not to), created a large emergency account, traveled, and most importantly, I have been able to help my parents along the way. I started noticing that my friends, some who made more money than myself, were nowhere near the same financial situation as me. Most were/are in severe debt, and are barely able to break even every month from their extreme(stupid) expenses. Not to mention, these are bright, very well educated millennials.

To get to the point, it didn’t take long for me to become the “go to” for burning questions about money, saving, and budgeting. I also started helping family and friends create budgets and savings goals. Something I never realized until now, I LOVE personal finance, and I LOVE helping others, especially the millennial generation. I’m on a journey to help educate as many millennials as I can on not only being financial savvy, but also being able to live a life of total financial freedom.

Things I’m not……

  • A personal finance guru (hate to admit)
  • A professional writer. No journalism degree here. My writing is simple, sarcastic, funny, and easy to understand.
  • Afraid to tell it how it is. Money is a tough subject, and the truth can hurt.
  • Debt free. I have debt, and there is nothing wrong with that.

If you want to learn to save, budget, travel, give, start a business, and help others do the same, keep reading. My goal is to spread financial literacy among the smartest, most innovative generation, and really anyone who wants to achieve financial freedom.